AVCA Prophane gas voucher program

In the late months of winter, when other sources of help are typically exhausted, AVCA’s Prophane Gas voucher program provides one-time assistance of $100 for each qualified Elder, but also helps create and strengthen Elders’ connections to younger members of the community.

AVCA typically operates the Program in February, when resources for assistance from the Tribe or other agencies have already been used. Each Elder applying for fuel assistance is sponsored by another member of the community. The sponsor notes on the application some general information about the Elder and documents the name of the Elder’s fuel vendor. During the application process, the sponsor becomes more familiar with the Elder’s needs. This sponsorship program promotes vital connections between Elders and their community.

After AVCA receives the approved applications, a list of the Elders who qualified for the program is sent to the local propane vendors and electric companies. The vendor arranges to deliver $100 of propane or credits the electric account of the Elder for this amount. The vendor then provides AIRC with signed receipts for the propane, or a print out showing the credit applied to the Elder’s electric bill.

Many of the Elders assisted by the Winter Fuel Program are able to use the money they save on fuel for other pressing needs such as food and clothing. These Elders subsist on extremely low incomes, and without assistance with winter heating bills, are forced to make difficult choices between staying warm, and eating and adequately caring for themselves.



Fact Sheet: AVCA Prophane gas voucher Program

Description of the Service: This service is designed to provide heating assistance to Veteran Elders, reducing their financial stress so they can more easily stay warm through the winter months.  Through this service, Hundreds of Veteran Elders homes in the Bay Area and Jemez Pueblo reservation receive assistance towards fuel bills in the winter.  The credit may be applied to electric or propane gas heating, whichever is used by the Veteran Elders.

Reason for the Service: There are several reasons for this service:

  1. It gets cold and windy –The winter winds can blow hard and houses exposed and unhindered by tree cover, make the temperatures even colder.
  2. Winter-related illnesses. Veteran Elders are very vulnerable to illnesses in extreme weather; this assistance comes at a time of year when many of our Veterans may be without a heat source and extending their fuel, this will help to reduce weather related illnesses.
  3. Snow and winds causes drifting that make roads impassable – Inside the reservation, with severe weather, snow and wind create drifting and roads become impassable. For Veterans living in isolated communities a blizzard can further isolate them until roads are cleared and services are available.  An adequate supply of fuel is necessary to keep warm during a these winter storms.


Product – Each Elder receives a $100 voucher towards their fuel bill and arrangements are made with their fuel vendors and payment is made to the vendor directly once the service is provided and the invoice is submitted to AIRC.

Costs $100 per Elder, serving up to hundreds of Veteran Elders both in the Bay Area and Jemez Pueblo Reservation.

 Window of Operation – Applications are taken for the Fuel service by the program partner and the deadline for Elders to apply is January 31st. Orders for fuel begin being filled the 1st of February.

Who is Served Native and American Veterans are the recipients of the fuel assistance, but we work closely with the vendors and partners associated with the service to ensure that elders who need the assistance in the targeted areas are identified and helped.