Description of the Service

Hundreds of holiday Meals will be soon distributed to Native and American Veteran Elders for Holidays on Veteran facilities in the Bay Area.


Reasons for the Service

There are several reasons for this service:

  1. Combat Veteran Elders feel appreciated: Native AND American Elders are revered and respected in our American cultures. Remembering the Veterans helps everyone around the holidays. The partners, the community members of each facility attending the event, and most of all the Vets know the meals are meant to be honoring. It means they are respected and valued and not forgotten. This is consistent with the culture.
  2. Community distributions bring the community together: The atmosphere at distribution events is festive, fun, and full of fellowship. Community members, regardless of age, have an opportunity to connect with one another, socialize and share in the giving spirit. The better community members know one another, the more likely they are to help each other.
    • Large distributions build skills for volunteers. – AVCA Partners plan well in advance for gift distributions. After meeting the request deadline, partners recruit their helpers and advertise the Elder gifts to get the word out. On the reservations, the best forms of advertisement are radio, flyers at the grocery store, and word of mouth



The meal which is packaged then delivered to the reservation consist of Turkeys, Ham, Mash Potato and Healthy Veggies.



The retail value of each Christmas Meal (To be Determined)


Window of Operation

The request deadline for American Veterans Care Association Elder gifts is November 15th. If a surplus of Christmas inventory is available, approvals can be achieved until December 15th. All requests are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Who is Served

All Native AND American Veterans in the Bay Area and the Jemez Pueblo Tribe in New Mexico are eligible to request.